Computer Network Operations (CNO)

BlueHalo’s background in computer network operations (CNO) and digital network analysis allows us to rapidly detect, assess, and respond to cyber threats.

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BlueHalo’s background in computer network operations (CNO) and digital network analysis allows us to rapidly detect, assess, and respond to cyber threats.

Computer Network Operations (CNO) Overview
Cyber Operations and Analysis • Cyber Tradecraft and Assessment • Cyber and SIGINT Engineering

CNO Mission

BlueHalo provides CNO capabilities that span the distance between the traditional computer environment and the Internet of Things (IoT). We apply an agile approach to cyber, supporting quick course corrections and reduction in risk.

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CNO Solutions

Safeguarding our Nation Against Unseen Threats

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Cyber Operations and Analysis

One of BlueHalo’s missions is to help solve our clients’ most difficult cyber security problems. We’ve devoted ourselves to studying and understanding the tools, techniques, and technologies used to perform cyber warfare. We use advanced cyber research techniques, cyber analytics, and active engagements to deliver the knowledge you need.

Cyber Engineering & Analysis

Cyber Engineering & Analysis

BlueHalo provides both long-term software development lifecycle support as well as rapid development for quick response scenarios. We have experience with Windows API, Network, Kernel Driver Development, Linux/Unix Application & Kernel Development, Embedded Systems Development, Secure Software Design, Exploit Development, C, C++, x86 Assembly, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, and .NET C#.

Cyber Operations & Analytics

Cyber Operations & Analytics

BlueHalo’s Cyber operations capabilities span across traditional computing environments to Internet of Things (IoT), including offensive and defensive cyber operations and analysis, signals intelligence (SIGINT) discovery, and data science. Our Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Dark Web experts perform all-source investigations, patiently watching and developing profiles, making connections from the dark web into the open web, and creating targeting profiles for organizations and individuals.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Are your digital assets secure? We design and build secure cloud infrastructures for multiple industries including commercial healthcare and the intelligence community. Our experience includes building HIPAA-compliant data management systems, secure data interoperability platforms, and monitoring and maintaining existing public-facing applications.

Cyber Computer & Network Forensics

Computer & Network Forensics

BlueHalo’s team of experienced digital forensic and memory analysts work to re-create cyber-attacks, assist with incident response, and perform malware analysis. We are experienced in using EnCase, FTK, Helix, Wireshark, Volatility, parsing/analyzing memory snapshots, and numerous programming languages such as Python, Perl, and Ruby.

Vulnerability Analysis & Exploit Development

BlueHalo combines our skills and experience from Reverse Engineering and CNO Software Development to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in networks, software, and systems. We have experience with software & protocol fuzzing, exploit development, penetration testing, embedded & proprietary systems security analysis, and source code review.

Our cyber solutions dynamically manipulate and mutate the operational configuration of physical networks across multiple enclaves simultaneously making it more difficult for attackers to assess system topology. In addition to system security, these tools provide risk analysis and status visibility for on-premise network devices and servers. As a result, security analysts can discover vulnerabilities and assess their network risk in less time with less effort. BlueHalo deploys a combination of hardware appliances and software solutions to create moving target defenses, and monitor network behavior to stop and contain cyber attacks while remaining transparent to the user. These technologies protect against network attacks and limit spread of network penetration.

Cyber Malware & Intrusion Analysis

Malware & Intrusion Analysis

BlueHalo provides support to incident response and intelligence analysis missions by performing forensic analysis and analyzing malicious software from advanced persistent threats. We characterize and recreate cyber-attacks, provide an understanding of the attacker’s capabilities and intent, and recommend proactive host and network mitigation strategies. We have specific expertise in code packing, obfuscation, rootkit techniques, exploit & shellcode analysis, malicious PDFs, device drivers, object-oriented binaries, threat & adversary characterization, defensive mitigation strategy & deployment, and network & host-based forensics.

Cyber Threat - Attack Remediation & Mitigation

Threat/Attack Remediation & Mitigation

BlueHalo combines our skills in both offense and defense to provide full lifecycle solutions to protect, identify, contain, respond, remediate, and mitigate security breaches. Our analysts routinely evaluate operating systems, network protocols, network configurations, and network architectures for vulnerabilities and conduct software & protocol fuzzing, exploit development, intrusion analysis, penetration testing, embedded & proprietary systems security analysis, and source code review.

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