CryptoniteNXT Battle Royale

CryptoniteNXT Battle Royale

James Bond had his firearms. Computer networks have their firewalls. Can either be fully trusted to protect our Secret Intelligence? No. Sometimes it takes a revolutionary gadget that even the wiliest of henchmen or hackers have yet to beat.

Not that we can’t have fun trying though, right?

Halo U’s CryptoniteNXT Battle Royale is going to be a box-office sensation when TWO of our team’s elite ethical hackers try to get around CryptoniteNXT, the system that prevents cyber villains from completing their objectives by implementing novel Moving Target Defense (MTD) and Zero Trust techniques.

Armed with OSCE creds & data science skills, they’ll be put in a network devised by the very same developers who created CyptoniteNXT – the “Qs” of BlueHalo – and be tasked to find the answers to a series of questions. Some hints will be dropped here and there to keep the pace lively but for the most part, they’re venturing into unchartered territory where anything can happen. Oh, and if either gets caught, they have to take a drink (shaken, not spiked, but feel free to join them!).

Spectators are guaranteed to observe some cool stuff, and maybe pick up some cool tricks – or share their own – along the way. Participation is recommended!

When time’s up, it’s Hacker Happy Hour time where the developers will reveal some of the secrets behind creating CryptoniteNXT, why it can’t be outwitted and our OSCP specialists will take Q&A, take drinks, and take the conversation anywhere from there…!

  • When: Thursday, February 24 at 7 pm EST
  • Where: Simply email [email protected] for the link
  • Agenda
    • Live Challenge
    • Open Discussion
  • Video: The first half of the event will be recorded and shared on Halo U’s website afterwards for anyone to watch.


Feb 24 2022


7:00 pm

The event is finished.