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AEgis Team Combats COVID-19; Manufactures PPE for Local Healthcare Staff

Huntsville, Alabama 

The AEgis Technologies Group, an industry-leading advanced engineering & technology firm in the Defense and National Security community, is leveraging in-house technology, open-source digital designs, and local partnerships to manufacture protective personal equipment (PPE) masks & accessories for local healthcare staff on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3D Printed N95 Masks

The AEgis team has committed our 3D printers to creating polyester filament masks that use a much smaller surface area of filter material, extending the life of these crucial supplies. The masks may be sanitized and reused repeatedly, and a single medical N95 mask is enough material to fill the mask filter 3 times. Additionally, the mask design allows for any N95 compliant filter material to be inserted, giving healthcare staff more options for protection.

“The resolve and tenacity of the AEgis population as we persevere through this unprecedented COVID-19 environment is second only to the care and innovation in bringing our capabilities to bear in support of combating this threat and aiding our medical professionals in need,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, CEO of AEgis Technologies Group. “I’m proud of what our employees do every day, but this effort while balancing personal impacts and delivering for our customers is simply inspiring.”

A video is available on the AEgis YouTube page illustrating the manufacturing process of these masks as well as how to maximize the use of filter material. A reference to the original design is also included, allowing others with the technology and capability to contribute to the community.


Collaborative Care for our Community

AEgis and Huntsville-based industry teammate E Mergent RC partner to respond to call to action from the Huntsville community and healthcare leaders to help provide essential equipment to local facilities in need. About the AEgis Technologies Group Inc. The AEgis Technologies Group (AEgis) provides advanced engineering solutions across the space superiority, directed energy, missile defense, electronic warfare & cyber, C4ISR, and intelligence markets. The Company was founded in 1989 and has served its core customer base as a trusted partner for decades focused on solving the Defense and National Security Community’s hardest challenges. AEgis is an end to end lifecycle partner through R&D, development, and into operations. We are the trusted provider leading the transformation for tomorrow’s multi-model and multi-domain warfare.

About E Mergent RC

E Mergent RC provides Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to government and commercial customers including sUAS design, procurement, integration, delivery and support services for fixed-wing and rotary-wing sUAS platforms.


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