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Awarded Contract for ITATS as Part of the U.S. Army DEMSHORAD Initiative


Applied Technology Associates (ATA) has been awarded a contract for the Independent Target Acquisition and Tracking System (ITATS) as part of the U.S. Army Directed EnergyManeuver Short Range Air Defense (DE-MSHORAD) prototyping initiative. The initiative includes integrating a directed energy weapon system on a Stryker vehicle as a path-finding effort toward the U.S. Army M-SHORAD objective to provide more comprehensive protection of frontline combat units. The Army’s future M-SHORAD protection for forward-deployed soldiers includes laser weapon systems as an effective complement to kinetic capabilities in countering aerial threats, rockets, artillery, and mortars, and unmanned aircraft systems.

The DE-MSHORAD prototyping initiative is managed by the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Under the initiative from the RCCTO and a contract from Radiance Technologies, ATA will build an upgraded suite of advanced electro-optical infrared sensors, target acquisition and tracking system, and the required controls on an Army Stryker combat vehicle. This ITATS is an upgraded version of the first ITATS that was delivered to Kord Technologies and integrated on the Army’s existing surrogate, risk-reduction laser weapon Stryker platform in 2019.

“ATA is excited to be a part of the DE-MSHORAD vision for laser weapon systems and is eager to leverage our precision pointing and tracking capabilities that have matured through supporting laser weapon programs,” said Larry Lloyd, ATA vice president. “Our corporate focus is delivering mature, high-performance products like ITATS to accelerate delivery of next-generation protection to our military forces.”

ATA is a leading-edge provider of precision pointing and tracking, line-of-sight stabilization solutions and products for laser communications, laser weapon systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and space domain awareness applications to customers worldwide.


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