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BlueHalo Awarded $80M AFRL Contract for Directed Energy Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Wargaming (DEMSAW) Program

BlueHalo Awarded $80M AFRL Contract for Directed Energy Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Wargaming (DEMSAW) Program

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ARLINGTON, VA – BlueHalo has been awarded an $80M contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for the Directed Energy Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Wargaming (DEMSAW) program. For DEMSAW, BlueHalo will deliver Wargaming as a Service Enterprise (WaaSE) as a solution to address developing and operating a credible virtual range and a digital ecosystem for housing Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Wargaming (MSA&W) tools as well as facilitating the transition of directed energy (DE) concepts and systems to the warfighter community.

Team BlueHalo’s WaaSE solution will provide a reliable capability that enables warfighters to envision future warfare scenarios and assess weapons impact on current and future threats. The DEMSAW contract will accelerate and improve the AFRL’s Directed Energy Directorate’s Wargaming and Simulation Branch (RDMW) Program through a disciplined systems engineering approach to develop a digital ecosystem that supports multi-domain, full-service, and end-to-end credible virtual range.

“It is exciting to build upon our Modeling Simulation Analysis & Wargaming expertise for the success of the DEMSAW program,” said James Batt, BlueHalo’s Chief Growth Officer.  “Our WaaSE approach will provide the Air Force, and the warfighter community, with cost, capability, and operational advantages.”

“We are thrilled to offer AFRL RDMW a credible virtual range that seamlessly integrates an end-to-end system for higher fidelity products for the transition of directed energy,” said Jimmy Jenkins, BlueHalo Sector President.  “BlueHalo’s improved digital ecosystem with automated processes, libraries, tools, models, and documentation will enhance productivity and quality.”

About BlueHalo

BlueHalo is purpose-built to provide industry-leading capabilities in the domains of Space Superiority, Space Technology, Directed Energy/Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (c-UAS), Autonomy, Advanced Radio Frequency (RF), Cyber, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).  BlueHalo focuses on inspired engineering to develop, transition, and field next-generation capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of our customers’ critical missions and reestablish our national security posture in the near-peer contested arena.

Directed Energy Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Wargaming Concept
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