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AERO Sentry

AERO Sentry

Flight Ready, Flight Secured

Aero Sentry is an easy to use, rapidly deployable, affordable, and highly flexible wireless security system that provides unparalleled security for aircraft and aviation infrastructure.

More about Aero Sentry

The Aero Sentry Wireless Security System consists of four compact radio-frequency transceivers that seamlessly integrates with any traffic or safety cone to form a Radio Frequency tripwire. The system provides intrusion detection on any terrain, non-line of sight locations, foliage, and other obstructions. For example, applications and features include:

  • Protection of fixed-wing or rotary wing aircraft
  • Secure the perimeter of fuel depots and tankers
  • Other high value asset protection
  • Easily integrated with traffic cones and other barriers
  • Provides archived logs and time-stamped images
  • Protects assets from tampering, boarding, and theft

Features & Benefits

Aero Sentry is an easy-to-use, portable aircraft and asset security system. This wireless “trip wire” consists of handheld units that can be set up around the aircraft to form an invisible fence. When an intruder crosses the fence line, the integrated camera provides visual confirmation of the intrusion. Furthermore, Aero Sentry captures and relays the alert and image to a mobile device via MMS/SMS messaging. Nodes seamlessly integrate with any commercial barrier cone to provide discrete asset monitoring and protection. For instance, the Aero Sentry Wireless Security asset monitoring system is:

  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Portable
  • Visual Verification
Weight 6.5 oz. per node (with 2xAA batteries)
Size 3″ diameter x 9 ¼” tall
Unattended Runtime Two weeks of continuous operation
Enclosure Rating IP65 – sealed against dust and splashing/falling water
Operating Temperature -40°F to 180°F
Mounting Options Internal to standard barrier cones
Range Between Nodes 75 ft
Integrated Camera Fisheye camera for panoramic image capture upon intrusion event
Connectivity for Alerts/Images SMS/MMS over GSM modem or wired/wireless Ethernet

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