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Command & Data-Handling Products

Command & Data-Handling Products

Remote User Interface

Remote Interface Unit (RIU)

BlueHalo’s Remote Interface Unit (RIU) is a key component in distributed spacecraft data systems.  The RIU is a MIL-STD-1553 controlled remote command and telemetry system.

  • Command Decoding and Distribution (Serial and Discrete)
  • Telemetry and Status Acquisition (Serial, Discrete, and Analog)
  • Thermal Control
  • Attitude Determination and Control
  • Power Distribution and Control

Transmission Data Formatter

Transmission Data Formatter

BlueHalo’s Transmission Data Formatter is a subsystem that encodes and interleaves multiple data streams, allowing common use of a single communication system.  Key mission areas include: Space Domain Awareness (SDA), multi-sensor weather missions, and data collection.

  • Hi-Rel Grade-1 Parts Program
  • LEO, MEO, GEO Application Areas
  • Internally Redundant and Fault Tolerant
  • Deployed On-orbit (SBSS)

Command and Telemetry Unit (CTU)

Command and Telemetry Unit (CTU)

BlueHalo’s Command and Telemetry Control Unit (CTU) provides command validation, execution, and telemetry collection for complex missions. With multiple configurations deployed to date, the CTU is customizable to our customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Hi-Rel Grade-1 Parts Program
  • Certified 15-year Mission Life
  • Redundant Fault Tolerant Design
  • High I/O Quantity Configuration
  • Status Telemetry Acquisition and Formatting
  • MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Controller (Optional Space Wire Interface)
  • Radiation Hardened
  • Data Storage

Space Craft Processor (SCP)

Spacecraft Control Processor (SCP)

BlueHalo’s Spacecraft Control Processor (SCP) contains all the features for complete control of the spacecraft, including attitude control, thermal control, power control, and data management.

  • Hi-Rel Grade-1
  • Certified 15-year Mission Life
  • Redundant and Fault Tolerant
  • MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Master (Optional Space Wire Interface)
  • Radiation Hardened
  • Precision Mission Clock
  • ADCS Interfaces

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