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BlueHalo’s CryptoniteNXT is an integral component of a Zero Trust Network Architecture and is built on the principles of zero trust – never trust, always verify, and only provide need to know access. When installed, CryptoniteNXT removes an adversary’s ability to execute entire categories of in-network attacks that are used to target high vulnerability environments.

CryptoniteNXT is a leader in moving target cyber defense. CryptoniteNXT enables any network to actively shield itself from cyberattacks by preventing all attacker reconnaissance and lateral movement. Patented moving target cyber defense and micro-segmentation technologies protect enterprise networks from an advanced cyberattacker, insider threats, and ransomware.


The first step in a Zero Trust ecosystem is to deny entry into the network with a NGFW, to deny unauthorized user access, and to deny access to any unauthorized systems. Network segmentation then allows users to access what is required per policy to perform their job. Everything else is blocked.


Zero Trust then deceives attackers by controlling network visibility utilizing MTD. Attackers are unable to successfully navigate the network. The deception may be deeper as network resources may appear legitimate, but may instead be decoys or traps.


Eliminating an adversaries’ ability to perform reconnaissance and limiting their movement defeats attackers’ intended activity. This will generally frustrate a cyberattacker to the point of stopping the attack or forcing them to attempt higher risk behavior which would make it easier to identify them.

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