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Data Transfer (DTRAN)

Data Transfer (DTRAN)

DTran Concept


DTRAN provides a peer-to-peer environment to accurately deliver data and analysis results between locations regardless of link conditions and at transfer speeds that exceed FTP. DTRAN is built on the application layer of the native network protocol allowing it to work within customers’ current network configurations. It uses custom algorithms to saturate bandwidth and minimize file transfer overhead without sacrificing a 100% reliability guarantee.

More About DTRAN

A key feature that separates DTRAN from the competition is its in-transfer controls. Data transfers can be monitored, paused and reprioritized during transfer and resumed later right where they left off. DTRAN is being used across the National Air and Space Intelligence Center and is certified to operate within the Department of Defense. With its roots in the defense industry, DTRAN also provides extensive logging and metric capabilities to monitor link performance in both real time and over time (e.g., weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.).


  • Server-is-Client Architecture – Each Unit Can Both Send and Receive
  • Multiple Connection Capable – Single Unit Can Connect to Multiple Hosts
  • Static Executable Distribution – No Third-Party Software Requirements
  • Separate Daemon and User Interface Processes – Allows for Head-less Operation
  • Cross Platform – Fully tested on IRIX, Solaris, Linux, and Windows

Core Features

  • Recursive File Detect with Receive Host Directory Recreation
  • File Collision Handling via Automatic Rename
  • Guaranteed Delivery Correctness via MD5 Hash Checks
  • Fine Grained (Packet Level) Automatic Resume Capability
  • Extensive File Logging and Metric Capability

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