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DigiFeeds is a data aggregation tool that captures, organizes, and correlates data feeds, providing analysts with additional information to augment their analyses. DigiFeeds framework is ICITE compatible and by creating a common API across all data sources, it simplifies the addition of new data sources. DigiFeeds is a single application, which helps to prevent duplication of code, and it has an extensible framework that allows for the integration of data sources such as GSIN.

More About DigiFeeds

DigiFeeds provides alerts based on criteria set by the user and enables less analyst interaction. It features dynamic search across all data, auto video and image generation, an API that can be used by other products, and the capability to export data to multiple formats.

DigiFeeds Docker Technologies Include:

  • Web Application
  • Elasticsearch
  • Postgis
  • Piwik

DigiFeeds Languages Include:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Ruby

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