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Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)

Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)


Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)

BlueHalo has been developing and delivering custom, high-performance Fast Steering Mirrors (FSMs) for ground-based, airborne, and space-qualified applications for over ten years. Our FSMs are used to reduce jitter and provide pointing accuracy in Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) systems, long range Laser Communications (LaserComm), and other optical imaging and scanning systems. BlueHalo now offers a line of FSM products that can be delivered on a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract with a set delivery schedule and no Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE).

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BlueHalo’s FSMs use metal (aluminum or beryllium) or silicon carbide substrates depending on the specific requirements of the application. We can provide mirrors with virtually any coating requirement from basic metal coatings to high reflectivity dielectric coatings designed for High Energy Laser (HEL) applications. BlueHalo FSMs provide high acceleration; >10,000 radians/sec2 for our 1”-2” class of FSM. Our FSMs achieve high bandwidth (>1 kHz optical or position, depending on size) and provide low jitter of <1 µrad.


BlueHalo’s FSMs are competitively priced to reduce program costs. Our mechanism designs are scales, which eliminates NRE. Different mirror substrates and coatings provide customers the flexibility to tailor their FSM to specific program requirements. High acceleration provides greater torque authority, enabling high bandwidth and providing rapid scanning capability. High bandwidth facilitates accurate jitter rejection from base motion and atmospheric turbulence in tip/tilt.

FSM Brochures/Datasheets

1″ Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)

12″ Fast Steering Mirror

55 mm Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)

55 mm Space-Qualified Fast Steering Mirror (FSM)

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