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High Energy Laser Target Board

High Energy Laser Target Board

High Energy Laser TGT and LapTop

High Energy Laser Target Board

BlueHalo’s High Energy Laser (HEL) Target Boards feature an integrated beam-profiling payload for use in conjunction with Group 1 and 2 sUAS to make in-situ laser measurements on a flying, threat-representative target.  In addition to effectively characterizing HEL weapon performance, these airborne targets support development of warfighter proficiency with HEL weapons.

More about our High Energy Laser Target Board

The payload supplies real-time beam diagnostic feedback to laser operators, as well as a complete post-processed data package. Our High Energy Laser Targets were developed in conjunction with the BlueHalo E1250 sUAS.


  • 10 cm x 10 cm active target area with 2 mm resolution
  • Sand blasted aluminum front-facing components with existing Optical Radiation Hazard Analysis (711th HPW)
  • Pre-flight user-adjustable payload pitch angle
  • Integrated high throughput Silvus Streamcaster radio at user specified frequency
  • Optional integration to COTS Elisair SAFE-T or SAFE-T 2 UAS Tether Systems
  • Light-weight and rigid carbon fiber construction
  • Real-time irradiance profile and quick look post-shot data
  • User-friendly GUI for payload control and data recording


  • Threat-representative UAS engagements with real-time and complete data feedback
  • Long duration static hover engagements for beam troubleshooting (with tether option)
  • Laboratory or ground-based laser diagnostics
  • Laser operator familiarization and training while deployed

Available Data Products Through Time

  • Power in the bucket
  • Irradiance profile
  • Spot size
  • Total power
  • Jitter

Technical Overview

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