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JumpRecorder Parachute Data Logger is a wearable, ruggedized, and network-ready data recording and management system for parachuting applications. Its small form factor and low-power design supports easy integration into existing systems without altering parachute safety characteristics.

More About JumpRecorder

The compact JumpRecorder unit can be attached to all parachute platforms. Its automated power-management capability will activate the device to record jump events in all operational conditions.

The JumpRecorder measures:

  • Barometric Pressure
  • X, Y, and Z Acceleration
  • X, Y, and Z Gyroscopic Forces
  • Magnetic Heading
  • Temperature
  • GPS Position

Features & Benefits

Designed to fit seamlessly in a parachute yoke pocket, it allows for hands-free recording, including the capture of pressure-based altitude readings, opening shock, GPS track, and more. Install the JumpRecorder parachute data logger in your parachute harness for up to a month without charging and automatically record data for each jump including location, speed, altitude, and orientation. In addition, extract data via USB or wirelessly over Bluetooth to assess incidents, improve training, manage equipment, and increase safety.

  • Parachute jump training
  • Test and Evaluation (T&E) of new parachute concepts
  • Black box data for After Action Reports (AAR)
  • Complementary to parachute load cell systems
  • USB data transfer/charging
  • Compatible with personnel and cargo parachutes
  • Automated wake-up
  • Data analytics and visualizations
  • Time-based event tracking
  • Ruggedized
  • Long Battery Life
  • Automatic Jump Detection
  • GPS and Pressure Sensors
  • USB and Bluetooth Compatable
  • 4GB of Internal Storage

JumpView™ User Interface

JumpView is the supporting software application for processing, viewing, and archiving data collected by a JumpRecorder unit. Specifically, JumpView features a customizable, multi-panel user interface allowing users to easily manage various data displays.

Intuitive interface with interactive 3D GPS plot Synchronized video and avatar playback
Automatic determination of key jump events Comprehensive raw sensor data plots

JumpRecorder data files paired with user-supplied video files in the JumpView software provide synchronized playback for a full jump replay. Furthermore, JumpView displays numerous JumpRecorder data files simultaneously for review of multi-person jump events. Imported JumpRecorder data files are automatically archived within the internal JumpView database and can be easily accessed for future reference. JumpView is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Detailed Specs

Physical Dimensions
+/- 16g, 3 axis, 1kHz
260-1260 mbar @ 0.0002 mbar resolution
Operating Temperature
<3 m CEP Position accuracy, 10Hz
Data Storage
+/- 2000°/sec, 3 axis, 1kHz
Battery Runtime
156 Days
Searching for GNSS Fix
24 Hours
128 hours
18 Hours
Data Storage
Max Rate
3 axis, max of +/- 16G per axis
1125 Hz
3 axis, max of +/- 2000 dps per axis
1125 Hz
3 axis, +/- 4900 uT per axis
100 Hz
1260 – 260 hPa (-6,155 – + 33,150 ft)
75 Hz
Within 8.2 ft accuracy, up to 150,000 ft MSL
10 Hz

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