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Modernizing Mobile ATC and UAS Traffic Management (MATSS)

Modernizing Mobile ATC and UAS Traffic Management (MATSS)

Modernizing Mobile ATC and UAS Traffic Management

MATSS (Mobile Air Traffic Surveillance System) is a StandAlone or Integrated Airfield Operations Air Traffic Control (ATC) capability for air, sea, and land transportable, necessary for Department of Defense (DOD) expeditionary forces but also essential for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to maintain ATC services during a radar outage or to provide essential ATC services in a disaster relief effort. MATSS is also a UAS traffic Management and Counter UAS (CUAS) capable platform enabling multiple UAS launch, and recovery mission plans as well as airspace protection from drone threats when it is mission critical.

  • MATSS provides the Air Traffic Controller with geographic situation displays essential communications and tools to separate controlled air traffic in any environment.
  • MATSS provides primary and secondary radar coverage with a range of 60 NM or further with extended range sensor feeds
  • MATSS displays real-time weather feeds for the controller

MATSS also provides weather-based flight path analytics services identifying potential safety risks. MATSS provides critical internal and external systems health management statuses.

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