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nxtHealth ANALYTX

nxtHealth ANALYTX

nxtHealth ANALYTX Actionable Insights from Health Data

nxtHealth ANALYTX includes an HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, intelligent reporting and analytics software. Additionally, nxtHealth ANALYTX enables researchers and clinicians to collect, monitor, and analyze data from patients who use remote monitoring healthcare APPS and WEARBLS. The nxtHealth ANALYTX platform allows clinicians and researchers to monitor therapy progress and view statistics of patients and study cohorts. Finally, the web portal provides actionable information to identify at-risk individuals and therapy-specific barriers, receive data-driven alerts, and deliver patient interventions.

Video & Image Analytics

nxtHealth ANALTYX applies state-of-the-art analytics to mobile video and images, automatically labels and extracts markers and conformance metrics for applications. For example, these analytics include dermatological symptom recognition and performance of rehabilitation exercises. Most importantly, no prior knowledge of machine learning or deep learning is required to use these powerful tools. Built using a “video analytics-as-a-service” framework, advanced media analytics invoke services from off-the shelf or custom application-based RPM solutions.

Skin Condition Analytics

nxtHealth ANALTYX identifies dermatology-related conditions such as acne vulgaris, tinea, seborrheic keratosis, and actinic keratosis with a high precision score. Specifically, these analytics use a 7M parameter-based Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). Furthermore, enhance performance with a probability-based differential-diagnosis algorithm which uses information from patient-specific differentials, including age, body parts, and symptoms.

Body-Tracking Analytics

nxtHealth ANALTYX estimates anterior-posterior (AP) and medio-lateral (ML) plane sway conformance for vestibular balance assessment and vestibulo-ocular reflex assessment. Currently, analytics include Normalized Pixel Difference face detection, facial landmark extraction using the Supervised Descent Method, and head and gaze estimation using a CNN model.

Wearable Sensor Analytics

Actionable insights from health data rapidly deploys solutions incorporating APPS and WEARBLS. Using a “sensor analytics-as-a-service” framework, ANALYTX invokes services from off-the shelf or custom application-based RPM solutions. Currently, ANALYTX includes state-of-the-art circadian rhythm and sleep-wake model estimators and machine-learning algorithms for pose and gait estimations. Additionally, ANALYTX processes data from third-party wearables.

Data Reporting

With nxtHealth ANALTYX, view summary reports of collected patient- or cohort-level data. For example, calendar views, timelines, and trend views facilitate temporal evaluation of a patient’s symptoms or adverse events reported since the last medical visit or treatment. Easily organize aggregated cohort-level reports by demographics. Additionally, access report information from the nxtHealth ANALYTX web portal or directly from an EHR system.

Remote Patient Monitoring

nxtHealth ANALTYX readily accesses patient data using the web portal or directly from an EHR system. ANALYTX provides clinicians, health managers, and administrators robust tools to manage, track, and analyze telehealth patient data. Likewise, clinicians monitor therapy or intervention progress, view patient and study cohort statistics, identify at-risk individuals, and provide alerts and patient interventions.

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