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Sentio® Data Visualization

BlueHalo developed the Sentio® Framework to enable analysts, researchers, and anyone who deals with Big Data to easily interact with large, dynamic data sets in real-time—and make informed decisions quickly. In a competitive marketplace, Sentio® could mean the difference between moving first and finishing last.


Sentio® offers intuitive analysis, highlighting real-time insights in progressive “conversations” that appeal to the way we as humans process information best. It’s a framework that allows users to more easily discover trends, cause-and-effect, patterns, and data anomalies using data visualization.


The framework handles multiple types of data—geospatial, temporal, categorical, causal, parameter-driven—while allowing users to prioritize and segment quickly. Coupled with  SlipStream® agile methodology, BlueHalo can create custom integrated solutions based on Sentio® for your specific problem.


Big data is exhausting. Sentio® allows you to weave virtually limitless numbers of external data sources and parameters into a seamless analytic thought process that requires very little training for the user.

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