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SlipStream® Hyper-Accelerated Agile Development

SlipStream® is a configurable development model that sits between off-the-shelf software and a fully custom solution.

SlipStream® combines the philosophies of agile and lean development methodologies to provide rapid iteration and fast delivery to market. With it, we build our clients solutions that can keep up with rapidly evolving markets and business opportunities.


BlueHalo identifies your business challenges and assembles a team of experts from various technical, analytical, and strategic disciplines. This team continually interacts with users from your organization throughout the process to ensure our solution matches your needs


BlueHalo’s engineers, using insights from team members and your project leads, develop a software solution, then rapidly implement and deploy it. This starts a process of rapid build-and-deploy iterations, sometimes as often as multiple times per day.


The software solution is released to multiple users within your organization. During this time, we’ll assemble feedback on a continual basis, and work closely with your team to evolve the solution to meet the ever-changing challenges you encounter in your marketplace.

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