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Vampire® UAS Embedded Training

VAMPIRE® UAS Embedded Training

VAMPIRE® is a fully embedded Unmanned Air System (UAS) / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training simulation for all operator functions and emergency procedures for family-of-systems small UAS (sUAS).

More about VAMPIRE®

  • Fully emulates ALL operator functions for sUAS, including Puma, Raven, & Wasp
  • VAMPIRE® runs on fielded Panasonic™ Toughbook & Ground Control Station, NO additional hardware required – Train as you fight, anywhere, anytime
  • Integrated & correlated with FaconView™ software to allow mission planning & rehearsal
  • Tailorable tactical scenarios with scripted, moving 3D human and vehicles models, urban areas, and special effects – as the enemy adapts, so can your training
  • Geo-specific terrain for any area of interest
  • High-Fidelity, game-quality graphics

Vampire® Bi-Directional Advanced Trainer (BAT)

VAMPIRE® Bi-Directional Advanced Trainer (BAT)

VAMPIRE® BAT is an embedded trainer that runs on fielded One System Remote Viewing Terminal (OSRVT) hardware and trains operators on basic OSRVT operations and bi-directional capability of system.

More about VAMPIRE® BAT

It simulates operator interaction with a UAV without requiring live flight and utilizes geo-specific terrain and tactical scenarios to train operators in advanced OSRVT operations. VAMPIRE® BAT includes embedded training videos and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI).

Vampire® Institutional Training System (ITS)

VAMPIRE® Institutional Training System (ITS)

VAMPIRE® ITS is an extension of the successful VAMPIRE® embedded UAS training system, offering a classroom training enabler for sUAS.

More about VAMPIRE® ITS

  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) & multiple student training stations
  • Real-time analysis & scoring with scenario and flight playback create an interactive training environment for instructor and operator to increase and maintain proficiency
  • The IOS allows for insertion of simulated system faults and scores students’ responses to emergency conditions


All Department of Defense Services • Multiple Government Agencies • Colleges & Universities

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