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UAS Target Board

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UAS Target Board

BlueHalo’s UAS Targets feature an integrated beam-profiling payload for use in conjunction with group II sUAS to make in-situ laser measurements at a flying, threat-representative target.

More about our UAS Target Board

The payload supplies real-time beam diagnostic feedback to laser operators, as well as a complete post=processed data package. Our UAS Targets were developed in conjunction with the EMRC Heli E1250 sUAS.


  • 10 cm x 10 cm active target area with 2 mm resolution
  • Sand blasted aluminum front-facing components with existing Optical Radiation Hazard Analysis (711th HPW)
  • Pre-flight user-adjustable payload pitch angle
  • Integrated high throughput Silvus Streamcaster radio at user specified frequency
  • Optional integration to COTS Elisair SAFE-T or SAFE-T 2 UAS Tether Systems
  • Light-weight and rigid carbon fiber construction
  • Real-time irradiance profile and quick look post-shot data
  • User-friendly GUI for payload control and data recording


  • Threat-representative UAS engagements with real-time and complete data feedback
  • Long duration static hover engagements for beam troubleshooting (with tether option)
  • Laboratory or ground-based laser diagnostics
  • Laser operator familiarization and training while deployed

Available Data Products Through Time

  • Power in the bucket
  • Irradiance profile
  • Spot size
  • Total power
  • Jitter

Technical Overview

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