Autonomy & AI/ML

BlueHalo provides deployable analytics, machine learning, and applied artificial intelligence solutions as well as cutting-edge robotic platforms, autonomy, and human-machine interfaces.

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Autonomy & AI/ML

BlueHalo provides deployable analytics, machine learning, and applied artificial intelligence solutions as well as cutting-edge robotic platforms, autonomy, and human-machine interfaces.

Autonomy & AI/ML
Swarming • Counter-UAS • Advanced RF

Autonomy & AI/ML Mission

With a wide offering of autonomous systems and technologies powered by AI/ML, BlueHalo is a leader in the Autonomy and AI/ML Mission space.

Autonomy & AI/ML

Autonomy & AI/ML

BlueHalo is a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. We develop AI/ML-based products and customized solutions to address government and industry needs in application areas such as swarming, counter-UAS, advanced RF, cyber threat detection and prediction, surveillance and reconnaissance, logistics, and transportation.

Swarm Solutions

BlueHalo provides sUAS autonomous swarming capability previously unavailable to the warfighter. We leverage resources and expertise across all of our facilities to deliver unmatched AI/ML swarm logic capabilities, communications systems, and evolving technologies within an operationally driven system-of-systems framework. This integrated “HIVE” of proprietary, U.S.-designed and manufactured sUAS platforms will provide the warfighter with improved mission efficiency, sensor performance, and a reduction in cognitive workload.

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (c-UAS) Solutions

BlueHalo is at the heart of transforming the modern battlefield with our portfolio of counter-UAS solutions.  Our fully integrated LOCUST Laser Weapon Systems and Target Acquisition and Tracking Systems deliver proprietary, best-in-class, cost-effective, control-point solutions to the warfighter with superior size, weight, power and mobility.

LOCUST is complemented by Titan c-UAS, which delivers an automated drone protection solution that requires no system expertise to operate and can be setup in 3 minutes to create a 3-kilometer protective sphere.  As new drones flood the market Titan’s AI engine keeps the skies clear.


ARGUS Solutions

As another line of defense, we offer our AI-enabled ARGUS system. ARGUS provides protection and monitoring in any environment enabling installation of a fully functioning intrusion detection system without the need for utilities or infrastructure using a self-healing mesh network of free-standing, low power sensors creating an RF-powered perimeter of detection.

Actionable Insights & Analytics (Scraawl)

Scraawl is a suite of data analytics tools designed to empower users to gain more from their data. Whether the problem set focuses on publicly available data, images and video, unstructured text, or all of the above, Scraawl has powerful tools to enhance your analyses. Scraawl leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to provide actionable insights through analytics. Our team is a multi-disciplinary group of developers, researchers, and data scientists dedicated to bringing cutting edge analytics to users.


Advanced RF Solutions

BlueHalo’s Advanced RF Systems are simplifying mission operations through agile software defined antenna systems. Our Multi-band Software Defined Antenna (MSDA) enables two-way communications between multiple spatial, spectral, and temporal diverse targets. It is an LSC-band in-tile beamformer with 12+ targets, half-duplex receive/transmit (Rx/Tx) channels, and ±60 degree scan volumes in Azimuth and Elevation. The MSDA architecture is extensible across multiple mission areas and is used in both our Wide Area Scanning Parabolic (WASP) for multi-target tracking, telemetry, and control missions and our Multi-Band, Deployable Ground Terminal Enabling Resilient Communications (BADGER) system, which provides a modular and deployable large form factor phased array solution to complex SATCOM, telemetry, and electronic warfare missions.

Artificial Intelligence Transportation and Sustainment Solutions

BlueHalo’s Advanced Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) solutions adopt AI and ML technologies that achieve smart, accurate, robust automations in traffic network condition monitoring, anomaly event and inefficiency detection, reasoning, impact analysis and mitigation plan recommendations. Material and sustainment technologies adopts advanced sensors and algorithms to critical infrastructures and high valued system for defect/fault diagnosis, prognosis and life-cycle management.

Our AI transportation and sustainment solutions include:

  • Artificial Intelligence-aided Transportation Operations Management System (AI-TOMS) – Cutting-edge solution for predicting traffic volumes, swiftly detecting incidents, and automatically implementing measures to streamline Transportation Management Center (TMC) operations, providing unprecedented automation and efficiency.
  • Dilemma Zone Detection, Control and Warning System (DZ-DCWS) – Tool for detecting and tracking vehicles coming to a high-speed signalized intersection, determining whether they will be trapped in a Dilemma Zone (DZ) where drivers have difficulty deciding whether to proceed or stop when the traffic signal turns to Yellow from Green.

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