C-UAS Directed Energy

Operationally-Proven and Operator-Trusted Laser Weapon System

Operationally deployed with proven lethality and reliability. End-to-end engineering elegance coupled with advanced AI, the LOCUST Laser Weapon System (LWS) enables and enhances the directed energy “kill chain”— tracking, identifying, and engaging a wide variety of targets with hard-kill High Energy Laser. Architected to address the inherent need for mobility and quick deployment, this mission equipment package can be easily transported and integrated onto a variety of platforms.

RF Cueing Sensor Interface and Overlays

"Plug-and-Play" sensor agnostic architecture with a wide variety of sensor types and RF bands.

Multi-Target IR Search and Track Modes

Automated tracking features enable agile target switching in high-density threat environments.

Operator-Optimized Weapon Interface

LOCUST minimizes training impacts and improved operator success by leveraging a common gaming controller.

Ultra-High Bandwidth Tracking

State-of-the-art, real time tracking overlays on high-definition video give operators the highest fidelity data for threat evaluation in complex air defense environments.

Integration Support for C2 Networks

Proven capability and compliance to interface with the latest versions of various command and control (C2) networks.

Fixed or Mobile Platform Configuration

Designed for compatibility with a broad range of fixed site and maneuverable platforms and transportability to any location.

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Advanced Electro-Optical (EO) Tracking

LOCUST LWS features an advanced gimbaled electro-optical tracking system designed for tracking various threat sets in cluttered or clear skies. This ISR unit features a fine tracking system (FTS), powerful telescope, laser rangefinder, acquisition tracking system (ATS), and targeting laser. Multiple camera payload options provide a wide field of view, aiding in early target identification and tracking. This system pairs with our High Energy Laser (HEL) and other effectors to neutralize threats.


Integrated Radar & Effector Platform

The LOCUST LWS features a radar and surveillance module, positioned on an extendable mast secured to a 463L compliant pallet for easy mobility. The tailorable payload can include a versatile quad-band electronic attack (EA) system, a comprehensive 360-degree radar, and a device for pinpointing directions from afar.

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