C2 Tracking and Sensing

Mobile Modernized C2 Tracking and Sensing in Any Environment

VigilantHalo is a software-driven integration platform for real-time Command and Control (C2). The all-in-one system is built on a secure, micro-service architecture that can be deployed to cloud, mobile, and fixed-site installations. Its versatile design supports multiple missions including air traffic control (ATC), beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), and counter-UAS (C-UAS) for military, federal, state, municipal, and commercial applications.

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In addition to its national security and National Airspace System (NAS) ATC capabilities, VigilantHalo is a complete situational awareness solution for disaster response and critical infrastructure defense with radar and multi-sensor surveillance that can be tailored to suit specific missions and applications.

Separate Air Traffic in Any Environment

ATC-capable surveillance data processing, fusion tracker, and communications

Weather-based Safety Risk Prognosis and Diagnosis

Real-time weather detection and weather-based flight path analytics services identifying potential safety risks and analysis for ATC operations

Critical Internal and External System Health Management

ABMS, BMC, FAAD C2, JAD-C2, TOC-L support for down-stream cues to ATC, CUAS, DE, KE and threat defeaters

Weather Prediction Capabilities

Informed by NOAA’s mesoscale predictions and weather stations

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Built on a modular, open-systems architecture and comprised of high technology readiness level (TRL) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and sensors, LOCUST Target Acquisition and Tracking System (TATS) is a high-performance acquisition, pointing, tracking, aimpoint designation and/or cueing capability comprised of electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) and radio frequency (RF) sensor systems.


Featuring an advanced gimbaled EO tracking system designed for tracking various threat sets in cluttered or clear skies, the LOCUST TATS is made up of two main components: the fine tracking system (FTS) and the acquisition tracking system (ATS). The ATS is equipped with multiple camera payload options that have a wide field of view, aiding in early target identification and tracking, along with a targeting laser designed to highlight targets. The FTS module includes a powerful telescope, a laser rangefinder, and additional camera payload options.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Supports external network interfaces, provides the capability to accept external cueing messages, and distributes video, time, space, position information (TSPI), and tactical information to higher echelon target tracking as compared to traditional pan/tilt gimbal solutions.

RF Cueing Sensor Interface and Overlays

“Plug-and-Play” capability with a wide variety of sensor types and RF bands.

Multi-target IR Search and Track Modes

Automated tracking capabilities that enable agile switching between targets in high density threat environments

High Bandwidth Tracking for Threat Identification

State-of-the-art, high-definition video gives decision makers the highest fidelity data to evaluate threats in complex air defense environments.

High Resolution 3-D Target Location Reporting

Microradian-class track data transmitted to a wide variety of C2 networks. Increased system combat effectiveness.

Integration Support for C2 Networks

Low-latency interfacing with C2 networks to receive and provide target cues, with ability to transmit video, track, and provide situational awareness data to improve capabilities.

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ARGUS Perimeter Security Solutions provides comprehensive turnkey systems for physical security, intrusion detection, and access control. The ARGUS suite of fully wireless solutions allows for customized deployments in any environment without need for pre-existing infrastructure. An intelligent mesh network of unattended sensors forms the backbone of an ARGUS system. Each sensor serves as both a means of intrusion detection and as a network communications relay to help extend and strengthen the system’s wireless footprint.

Rapidly Deployable

All sensors are battery or solar powered and communicate over a wireless mesh network, allowing the system to be rapidly deployed and easily reconfigured without requiring any change in facility infrastructure.


ARGUS mesh communications networks are used to cross cue external systems through software or hardware interfaces, supporting integration with a single common operating picture.


ARGUS sensors are built to withstand harsh environments, and in the case of sensor failure, the wireless network self-heals to prevent any gaps in detection.

Multiple Sensor Types

ARGUS utilizes complimentary sensing modalities at AI/ML algorithms to fuse sensor data and enhance alert confidence.

Map-Based User Interface

ARGUSView is the software interface for on-site and remote monitoring of an ARGUS system, displaying all sensors and accessories in one common operating picture on a map-based interface.

Enterprise Services

ARGUS Enterprise enables cloud-based remote access, data archival and alert history, multiple user access levels, and real-time positioning of security personnel.

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