Electronic Warfare & Cyber

Inspired Engineering Enabling the Nation's Most Cutting Edge Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, and Cyber Missions

We develop tactical solutions so our customers can stay ahead of global threats and offer actionable intelligence to warfighters operating at the mission’s edge. We support industry-leading open architecture technology, mission planning, and awareness in support of Electronic Warfare. Our innovative RF solutions are designed and developed for the full spectrum of cyber operations, readiness, and capability development.

Integration & Deployment

BlueHalo integration support allows for rapid payload deployment from small to large platforms across ground, airborne and maritime platforms. From a simple antenna swap to integration of a new developed sensor, we enable customers with a streamlined payload integration that reduces integration timelines to meet mission needs.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

BlueHalo develops and provides system solutions for airborne, maritime, and ground ISR platforms. Our sensitive capabilities are deployed and integrated for quick-reaction support. We develop an array of tactical sensors that satisfy multiple mission needs. This provides our customers the interoperability to support a variety of manned or uncrewed platforms and multi-sensor configurations.

Open Architecture

BlueHalo delivers capabilities in various form factor chassis and radio frequency modules that have successfully integrated a wide variety of Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA)-aligned and 3U VPX-compliant cards. Our products are aligned to industry-defined open and interoperability standards to provide solutions that are scalable, modular, and promote interoperable products within our portfolio of connected systems.


Angler Software-Defined Radio

SOSA compliant chassis that adheres to the 3U VPX CMOSS/SOSA slot profile, and has a tremendous capacity to receive, process, and transmit radio frequencies (RF). Angler supports multiple signals of interest and third-party waveforms. The Angler baseboard processing enables third party applications across the SharkCage portfolio and third-party solutions at the tactical edge.


SharkCage Tactical Chassis

Built to survive any environment and ideal for man-packable or mounted applications, our Expeditionary C5ISR/EW chassis are passively cooled, tactical VPX chassis with an embedded chassis management board (CMB), representing our next-generation tactical chassis solution. Environmentally sealed to withstand the elements associated with land, air, and sea operations as well as the extreme temperature changes associated with airborne POD missions, the chassis are designed to house a wide variety of C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) and SOSA-compliant 3U VPX cards. Shifting environments? No problem. Cooling “fins” let you tailor your chassis to accomplish specific mission needs and configure slots with other signals of interest for a multi-protocol solution.

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We deliver the tools, techniques, and technologies used to conduct successful operations on the digital battlefield.

Using advanced cyber techniques, BlueHalo’s team of technologists and analysts employ capabilities spanning traditional computing environments to Internet of Things (IoT), including offensive and defensive cyber operations and analysis, signals intelligence (SIGINT) discovery, and data science.

Full-Spectrum Cyber Operations

Effective use of technology is difficult in today's rapidly evolving technology fields, but essential for achieving mission success. Our Computer Network Operations (CNO) offensive and defensive capabilities include a focus on systems analysis, reverse engineering, tradecraft, vulnerability analysis, exploit development, and re-engineering.

Agile Development

Our engineers deliver high-value solutions from small-in-scope, high-impact applications to enterprise-wide mission applications utilizing Agile methods, while our coaches assist teams or enable large-scale enterprise Agile transformations. We work to create a cohesive rhythm across all of our engagements, both internally and with our most valued mission partners. Our dynamic leadership practices allow for the natural adoption of Agile among teams and helps build an environment for continued success.

Tactical Mission Networks

We have deep expertise in designing, developing, and implementing Tactical Mission Networks (TMNs) for critical national security agencies. We serve as the integrator, delivering the TMN with the necessary toolsets to support Digital Force Protection (DFP) and campaign requirements associated with Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) supporting functions to Combatant Commands (COCOMs). We sustain the architecture

Digital Force Protection

Our mobility experts provide government agencies with the ability to blend Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) tools with Communications Intelligence (COMINT) solutions for mobile networks. Our over-the-air passive and active capabilities allow us to find the location of selectors, obtain a fix on the target, exploit devices, and analyze data and associated metadata.

Digital Operations

We possess invaluable expertise across the intelligence spectrum and can provide tradecraft expertise ranging from consultative and training services to intelligence and operations support to critical missions worldwide. We can manage identities in today's complex digital ecosystems by providing identity management solutions, ensuring users maintain access to the right systems and applications in an era of rapid technological change.

Threat Intelligence

As global and domestic threats continue to evolve, we provide actionable intelligence to customers tasked with preventing and deterring terrorism and extremism. Aligning human intelligence (HUMINT) with open-source intelligence (OSINT) and reporting, our experienced team is uniquely positioned to produce mission-critical alerts and intelligence reports.


EDEN is a unique end-to-end data exchange solution that addresses the entire Data Lifecycle problems encountered by the USG. Our solution starts with an approved secure procurement and transport solution to move data into the exchange. An easy to use and navigate GUI will allow users to see the validated data. Viewing the aggregated data types and sources is accomplished in either an analytical or map-based view.

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We maintain expertise in hardware and software reverse engineering, cyber technology development, quick reaction capability (QRC), and collection and exploitation of intelligence.

We quickly convert customer requirements into real hardware, software, firmware, and mechanical solutions in weeks, not years. With an organizational structure and design processes tailored to quick reaction, our process identifies risks that would prevent delivery and implements mitigation strategies to meet goals at mission speed.

Target Analysis & Reporting

We perform and thrive in supporting a variety of different SIGINT mission aspects, supporting sensor design, engineering, and operation on high-priority operational programs. We work in lock-step with partners to ensure the top-level performance of sensors, providing thorough analysis of sensor data, conducting intelligence analysis, and signals development and analysis, which guarantees smooth mission operations. We proffer mission accountability and sensor value analysis via multi-faceted systems engineers and data scientists by revealing unique insights into these sensors and their operations through metric capture and production.

TechSIGINT and Signals Processing

We conduct research and design, test, and deploy algorithms to process signals across software and hardware-defined systems. Using techniques like filtering, tuning, and demodulating signals, as well as additional post-demod processing, we can provide crucial support for your mission-critical systems. Whether tracking a selector, analyzing a tower or gateway, or providing finished analysis, our experience may be leveraged to provide insight not otherwise made available.

Mission Management & Signals Analysis

We support high-priority sensor operations ensuring mission assets remain optimized and potential outage threats are mitigated. Our expertise includes system and subsystem level tasking, configuration, survey, signals analysis, and maintaining system health within parameters. We ensure that selection, collection, and dataflow meet signature criteria and response. We also identify changes and anomalies within the mission environment, and process results for the normalization of follow-on analytics.

Data Science and Exploitation

As the amount of data in the world increases exponentially, gaining insights into actionable data has never been more challenging. Our data science solutions uncover information such as hidden patterns and unknown correlations to deliver mission-enabling results, enhance intrusion identification and analysis, and support signals development.

Specialized Hardware and Services

We develop and produce custom hardware and software solutions such as embedded systems, analog and power systems, data interfaces, RF systems, full board design, and mobile and web services to support our customers’ cyber initiatives.

Researching and Prototyping

Our applied research and prototyping capabilities enhance or automate analytic capabilities, increase knowledge of adversarial threats, and enable new CNO capabilities.

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Open-source Intelligence

BlueHalo’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) engineers and Deep Web experts combat emerging multi-domain and near-peer global threats by collecting and analyzing electronic signals and open-source intelligence to determine adversarial capabilities, intent, and actions before they happen. We perform all-source investigations, including social media analysis, making connections from the dark web into the open web, and creating targeting profiles for organizations and individuals.


BlueHalo’s AI powered Scraawl OSINT Analysis product leverages the largest data store in the word, PAI, to provide unique insights and solve DoD and commercial challenges. Use cases for our image and video analytics tools include face detection and recognition, target identification, and tracking. Our text analytics leverage natural language processing (NLP), graph analytics, behavior analytics, and trend analysis to help users obtain actionable intelligence from large datasets.

Sensor Performance

The Sensor Effectiveness Tool (SET) incorporates subject matter expertise to scientifically evaluate a sensor’s capability, assessing how well radar systems can support intelligence objectives against select targets and geometries. Underlying technology can be expanded to other sensor systems.

National Intelligence Analysis

Our team helps decision makers understand the value of intelligence to guide technology investment decisions. We provide lifecycle operational support for critical initiatives (Joint Land and Component Constructive Training Capability, Entity Resolution Federation (JLCCTC ERF), Battle Command Training Facilities, National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)).

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