Space Operations

Transforming the Paradigm of Operations in Space

BADGER simplifies mission operations through agile, software defined antenna systems. As a deployable multi-beam, multi-band ground terminal enabling resilient operations, BADGER provides a modular and reconfigurable large form factor digital phased array solution for complex SATCOM, telemetry, and electronic warfare missions.

BADGER’s digital interfaces combined with its multi-band, multi-beam, and multi-kinematic operations enable support of multiple mission areas simultaneously, a game-changing advantage for today’s warfighter. The rugged, self-contained design ensures reliability in austere environments, supporting “communications-on-the-move” operations as needed.

MSDA™ Technology

BlueHalo’s proprietary digital beamforming technology–the Multi-band/beam Software Defined Antenna (MSDA) tile–achieves ideal channel bandwidth and operations frequency, flexible and extensible for various mission architectures.

Rapid Acquisition and Tracking

Broad Area Automated Acquisition (BA3) and Integrated Complex Mono-pulse Tracking (ICMT) systems quickly acquire and track targets.

Multi-mission Capabilities

Frequency Agile Operations (FAO) and software defined beam states and targets enable simultaneous mission support.

Multi-Band Operations

Features L/S/C-Band phased array with a 2-kilowatt equivalent spatial distributed high-power amplifier (HPA).

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BlueHalo’s WASP (Wide Area Scanning Parabolic) technology provides groundbreaking capabilities in SATCOM, telemetry, Electronic Warfare, RADAR, and ISR. WASP employs multiple, independently steerable, simultaneous beams at diverse center frequencies and bandwidths, including advanced capabilities like antenna nulling, array healing, and beam shaping or spoiling. This solution supports seamless interface with both new and existing antenna reflectors and provides increased slew rate/beam steering capabilities, reducing overall wear and tear on parabolic drive systems.

Multi-Beam Synthesis

Enables tracking of multiple, simultaneous targets from a single reflector.

Novel Beam Broadening

A proprietary taper applied to the phased array feed matches performance of the feed to the reflector – at any frequency.

Fine Loop Pointing

Enables high-agility tracking in austere environments on a traditional parabolic reflector, allowing for the re-use or repurposing of existing assets.

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