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PANTHER transforms RF capabilities by delivering superior efficacy with a reduced modular footprint and all-digital framework for autonomous operations and remote access. PANTHER provides true active electronic scanning with a wide-ranging field of regard and ability to capture multiple simultaneous, position independent signals. It replaces the need for and dependency on antiquated positional platforms and tracking systems.


Modular and Scalable

Modular high-capacity antenna panels mountable on various platforms. Scalable to meet antenna gain requirements and performance (range and sensitivity) needs of the application. Our modular system can meet multiple physical form factors, support distributed panel sets and multiple pointing directions, to support full hemispheric coverage.

Waveform Agnostic with Wide Band Support

Capable of tracking multiple communication (RF) streams simultaneously, well below the noise floor, without prior waveform or direction information needed. PANTHER supports frequencies spanning L, S, and C bands and is adaptable to an even wider range.

Weight and Size Efficient

PANTHER is portable and easily adapted for airborne and ground operations, thanks to unmatched performance, small size, and optimized processing density supported by novel thermal management techniques.

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BlueHalo’s advanced systems for radar surveillance, collection, and rapid analysis gives our customers the situational awareness they depend on to meet the mission’s needs. By continuing to push the standard for precision imaging, data alignment and dissemination speed, our combined expertise and products provide customer teams with the confidence to make crucial decisions ensuring space superiority.

Near Real-Time Imaging (NRTI)

Deployable at radar collection sites able to automatically create wideband Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) images of satellites immediately following a collection. Our system allows review of images and ability to launch NRTI Processing Interface (NPI) to reprocess images, ensuring quality prior to dissemination.

Radar Analysis and Imaging

Our tools and exploitation expertise deliver line-of-sight space object identification excellence. Front end ingestion accepts both raw and processed radar to meet unique needs in support of: trajectory/orbit, state vector generation, doppler analysis, imaging, RCS statistics, plotting and comparison, data alignment and image focusing, and the ability to import models or create wireframes for data overlay.

Swarm Operations

On-orbit spacecraft assembly, servicing and swarm operation capabilities utilizing our expertise in controls, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software and algorithm development.
Onboard spacecraft self-sensing, attribution, and autonomous operations capabilities support both tactical and strategic missions with resilient information sharing, rapid & effective decision making, and a mix of capable, trustworthy, and autonomous systems.

Two-way Time Transfer

Demonstrating improved space communications systems, such as a two-way optical time transfer system operating within W/V-bands.

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