Autonomous Systems

Harnessing Proxy Operations for Amplified Multi-Mission Impact

Achieve transformational, autonomous swarming capabilities previously unavailable to the warfighter. HaloSwarm leverages technically superior AI/ML swarm logic within an operationally driven system-of-systems framework. This integrated “swarm” of proprietary, U.S.-made and manufactured sUAS platforms, ground, surface, and subsurface vehicles, provide the warfighter with unmatched mission efficiency and performance.

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We offer an ecosystem of uncrewed solutions purpose-built for any environment. Each solution leverages an agile approach to design achieving rapid deployment and unparalleled versatility.


Customized Endurance and Capacity

The E900 can fly up to 35 minutes with up to a 5-lb payload and reach speeds up to 40 mph (18 m/s). The E1250 boasts over 35 minutes of flight time with up to a 25-lb payload thanks to a dual battery system, ideal for extended missions without frequent landings.


Intense Eye Version 3 (IEV3)

Rapidly deployable and capable of performing in rough weather conditions, our mass-producible U.S.-made IEV3 is the ideal sUAS for use in HaloSwarm.

Flexible Payload Integration

Featuring adaptable payload mounts on a Picatinny rail system, our UAS offerings can be easily tailored for specific operational needs

Durability and Quick Setup

The Intense Eye Version 3 (IEV3) offers a formidable weather resistance rating and rapid deployment features, making it a dependable choice for urgent and harsh environment missions.

Certified and Secure

UAS products, like the Intense Eye Version 2 (IE-V2), come with Army Air Worthiness Certification and are approved under DIU's Blue UAS 2.0 list, ensuring compliance and security for sensitive operations.

Diverse Sensor Payloads

We design and manufacture diverse sensor payloads covering a wide range of capabilities from Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) to meteorological and atmospheric collection.

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