Layered Defense: RF Detect and Defeat in any Environment

Titan C-UAS™ provides advanced threat detection and understanding to operators, at the speed they need for mission success. Deployable within five minutes, hostile drones are identified and intercepted, ensuring aerial security. Titan C-UAS™ is an autonomous solution, enhanced by an AI/ML engine and designed to defeat Group 1 & 2 drones. Titan C-UAS™ equips the non-specialist operator with comprehensive situational awareness and defensive measures to mitigate UAS threats.

Hardware-Enabled. Software-Defined.

Titan C-UAS™ conforms to MIL-STD-461/810 requirements, offering full-spectrum threat detection of controller, video, telemetry, and Wi-Fi communication links ranging from 400MHz to 6GHz. It integrates seamlessly with additional sensors and command and control systems (C2s) for a comprehensive layered counter-UAS defense strategy. Engineered for versatility, Titan C-UAS™ is suitable for fixed installations, mobile, and dismounted operation.

Force Multiplier

Titan C-UAS™ creates a hemisphere of detection that extends beyond visual range within five minutes, without the need for operator training or calibration. It has undergone rigorous testing and deployment, receiving operational validation from numerous military and government entities, as well as independent laboratories.

API Interoperable with Sensors and C2s

Titan C-UAS™ offers advanced integrated solutions that work seamlessly with leading industry sensors—including RF, radar, and optical systems—to deliver enriched data and fortify multiple defense layers. Titan C-UAS’s sophisticated API and algorithms are designed for integration with ATAK and other C2 platforms.

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Titan-SV delivers comprehensive 360° surveillance, efficiently localizing malicious small Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (sUAS). Offered in both fixed-site (DIVR MKII) and portable (MPV3) configurations, keeping operators and installations safe via remote and automated alerting and tracking of sUAS.

Versatile Long-Range Detection and Identification

Titan-SV DIVR MKII provides fixed-site capability while Titan-SV MPV3 provides a single configuration for man-portable, vehicle-mounted or static-mounted operations.

Maximum Scanning and Detection Performance with Extensive RF

Titan-SV features a multi-resource hardware architecture, for peak performance with minimal false alarms. SkyView’s broad RF signature library provides robust, long-range detection and tracking of commercial (consumer/prosumer), DIY, and tactical sUAS transmitters, often with exquisite tracking.

Flexible Integration

With interoperability across various counter-UAS systems and adaptable mounting options, Titan-SV systems offer versatile solutions for both mobile and stationary defense setups.

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