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Advanced Transceiver Platforms

Powerful SDR building blocks to implement next-generation radar, testing, and electronic warfare (EW) systems. These platforms integrate wideband Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) and custom RF front-ends with high-end processors such as Xilinx RFSoC to provide small form factor software-defined radio and radar transceivers. Several board-support packages and quick installation applications are provided for ease of use.


Phase-synchronized across multiple front ends to support massive MIMO, phased array, and 5G applications.

Small Form-Factor, Wideband SDR

RFSoC-based system provides complete SDR supporting massive MIMO and phased-array applications.

Interchangeable Processor and RF Modules

Mix and match processor and RF modules to fit your needs



As a handheld tactical hardware radio and software platform providing superior radio coverage and networked positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities, Gallium™ enables modern warfighters and first responders to achieve tactical communication and emergency situation objectives. Gallium revolutionizes advancements in RF capabilities improving network communication, PNT, sub-nanosecond wireless synchronization, and ranging. Integrating Gallium into existing RFcom, weapons systems, manned or uncrewed vehicles introduces new RFcom and PNT capabilities that meet the demands of next-gen commercial and defense communications.



Our Micro Integrated Transponder with Embedded Crypto, or MITEC, is the next-gen miniaturized identification of friend or foe (IFF) transponder with embedded crypto for military UAS. Current IFF systems for crewed aircraft consume excessive power and are too cumbersome for use in Group 2 or Group 3 UAS. MITEC addresses stringent size, weight, and power requirements for UAS and incorporates an embedded AIMS 17-1000 and AIMS 04-900 compliant crypto engine for Mode 5 support, with no external crypto appliqué required. MITEC can be incorporated in small or large UAS and supports communication with civil and military air traffic control systems up to operating altitudes of 50,000 feet.



RFNest is a state-of-the-art channel emulation solution that supports all RF applications including Hi-Fidelity automated RF testing for R&D, network design, military communications, radar, SATCOM, Electronic Warfare (EW), avionics, 5G/4G, IoT, and more. RFNest provides a repeatable and controllable RF environment for a network of wireless nodes in a laboratory environment. The RFnest RF channel emulator allows users to customize and integrate channel emulation into other hardware-in-the-loop emulation environments. RFnest is scalable to support small high-fidelity scenarios or large battalion size (>100 independent radios) events. RFNest utilizes 3D geometric RF-modeling algorithms, powerful hardware, and easy-to-use software to support both stationary and mobile RF-channel emulation.

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