BlueHalo’s healthcare solutions create a positive impact on both patients and health systems. Our user-centered design approach promotes greater accessibility and dramatically improves patient and physician satisfaction.

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BlueHalo’s healthcare solutions create a positive impact on both patients and health systems. Our user-centered design approach promotes greater accessibility and dramatically improves patient and physician satisfaction.

Human Performance Technologies • Digital Transformation • Analytics and Applications

Healthcare Mission

BlueHalo provides AI-enabled smart technologies, mobile apps, connected wearables, cloud-based analytics, and integration software for the healthcare mission. Above all, our technologies facilitate better patient care by taking the therapeutic experience beyond the clinical setting.

Healthcare Solutions

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Human Performance Technologies

BlueHalo develops wearable physiological sensors that collect and report patient data as well as wearable, ruggedized, and network-ready data recording and management systems for human applications.

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

nxtHealth WEARBLS

BlueHalo’s nxtHealth WEARBLS provide new tools for disease management and improve the quality of care by giving clinicians unprecedented visibility into their patients’ activities, environment, and physiological factors. Furthermore, nxtHealth WEARBLS incorporate sophisticated sensors and processing to go beyond consumer-level devices such as smart watches. The sensors integrate with corresponding apps and analytics and are suited for use in both research and clinical environments. This data syncs with a nxtHealth APP or ANALYTX web portal via Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in healthcare is difficult. That’s why we provide technology solutions that are convenient and intuitive, giving our customers more time to focus on what’s most important: providing quality care for patients.  We offer:

  • Data Interoperability – All data and patient critical information seamlessly available on time and built on the HL7 FHIR standard
  • Application Development – User-centered design that provides a fast and easy-to-use solution
  • Services & Consulting – Full-service software and data consulting
  • FHIR Applications – Whether for Patient or Provider, EHR-launched or Standalone, our team of FHIR experts can help.
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FHIR Data Interoperability

BlueHalo offers an open-source Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) server solution built in NodeJS. This solution is built from the ground up with security as the #1 priority, and as an extensible, vendor-agnostic platform for FHIR@ interaction.  It consists of two open-source projects that are available for download and use on Github under an MIT License.

HL7®’s FHIR® allows providers, payers and patients to aggregate, manage and share their health data using a set of standard, unified APIs. To make sure APIs are working to full capacity, a stress test may need to be administered. Visiting sites such as can help with requests such as this.

Cardiac Consultant

Health Risk Assessment

Cardiac Consultant is an interactive application that helps doctors educate patients about their individual risk for heart disease and stroke. Using the app, patients explore how different factors like age and family history combine with their lifestyle choices to affect overall cardiovascular health.

Cardiac Consultant sets itself apart from existing risk calculators by focusing on making patient data accessible and easy to understand. Under the hood, Cardiac Consultant uses SMART on FHIR®, a modern healthcare IT standard, to seamlessly and securely exchange the patient’s personal health data located in Cerner’s electronic health record system. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors because patients and doctors don’t have to manually enter data.

The interactive design of the application facilitates understanding and builds trust between the user and the data. It also helps increase awareness of the connection between various factors and a patient’s risk level. And, it can be the difference that encourages a patient to take proactive steps to improve their overall health. BlueHalo partnered with Mile Two to develop the app, which was recently chosen as a finalist in Cerner’s Code App Challenge, a national competition honoring innovative new healthcare apps.

Virtual Triage

Virtual Triage

Understanding a patient’s need is a critical first step in delivering quality care. Doing so quickly has an enormous impact on expected outcomes. BlueHalo has designed and built a consumer-facing virtual triage system that seamlessly guides patients through the often stressful process of determining what care they need and when, where, and how they can get it.

When patients are seeking care, they have a lot on their minds. Our virtual triage platform keeps things simple by guiding the patient through a series of basic questions to determine the best care provider for the situation.

Once the type of provider is known, our platform combines location, availability, and other data to ensure that the best care facilities are presented to the patient. Integrations with scheduling systems allow patients to book appointments seamlessly online and avoid long waits.

Technology is an enormous enabler of improved quality of care and patient outcomes. But, it is so often overlooked and underutilized. Our virtual triage platform blends technology, interoperability, and human-centered design to provide something as simple as peace of mind at a time that is often fraught with anxiety.

Cardiac Consultant

BlueHalo’s Cardiac Consultant is an interactive application that helps doctors educate patients about their individual risk for heart disease and cardiovascular events.

Analytics and Applications

BlueHalo provides a suite of smart technologies for telehealth to support patient-reported outcomes (PRO), cognitive assessment, and rehabilitation. Our nxtHealth APPS allow patients to easily report symptoms and receive guidance during treatment.

In addition we offer, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, intelligent reporting and analytics software. Our nxtHealth ANALYTX is compatible with our nxtHealth APPS and WEARBLS so researchers and clinicians can collect, monitor, and analyze data from patients who use our remote monitoring tools.

nxtHealth ANALYTX

nxtHealth ANALYTX is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, intelligent reporting and analytics software. It enables researchers and clinicians to collect, monitor, and analyze data from patients who use remote monitoring healthcare APPS and WEARBLS. The nxtHealth ANALYTX platform allows clinicians and researchers to monitor therapy progress, view statistics of patients, and study cohorts. Finally, the web portal provides actionable information to identify at-risk individuals and therapy-specific barriers, receive data-driven alerts, and deliver patient interventions.

nxtHealth ANALYTX integrates with Epic, Cerner, and other EHR systems for bi-directional data exchange.

nxtHealth APPS

nxtHealth APPS include novel capabilities in the areas of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) collection, cognitive assessment, and rehabilitation therapy. These apps collect objective and subjective patient data, giving clinicians visibility into patients’ experience so that they can remotely monitor progress, adjust exercises, and monitor adverse events. nxtHealth apps use gamification strategies to encourage continued use, fostering compliance with testing and therapy regimes.

Currently APPS includes:

  • Sympatico®, which allows patients to log and track symptoms, receive self-care suggestions, and gain access to relevant resources during treatment;
  • MindCap, which assesses cognitive function and is sensitive enough to detect debilitating, though often subtle degradation that can result from treatments;
  • VestAid, which is an end-to-end vestibular rehabilitation support solution that creates adaptive at-home exercise programs; and
  • SleepAid, which provides measurement, analysis, and education using data-driven interventions and games to help patients adjust circadian rhythm and improve sleep hygiene.

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