BlueHalo provides specialized operational support, services, and technology to plan, design, develop, and execute critical missions in the national security community.

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BlueHalo provides specialized operational support, services, and technology to plan, design, develop, and execute critical missions in the national security community.

Multi-INT Overview

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) & Measurement Analysis Intelligence (MASINT) Operational Technology Development

Multi-INT Mission

BlueHalo specializes in offensive and defensive technologies and tradecraft used in the ever-evolving Multi-INT mission space. 

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Multi-INT Solutions

Multi-INT Support When and Where You Need It Most

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BlueHalo’s signals intelligence (SIGINT) and open-source intelligence (OSINT) engineers and Deep Web experts combat emerging multi-domain and near-peer global threats by collecting and analyzing electronic signals and open-source intelligence to determine adversarial capabilities, intent, and actions before they happen. We perform all-source investigations, including social media analysis, patiently watching and developing profiles, making connections from the dark web into the open web, and creating targeting profiles for organizations and individuals.

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

AI & Cloud Solutions

BlueHalo provides cutting-edge, AI-powered analytics for real users and challenges.  We develop analytics tools to solve DoD and commercial challenges. Use cases for BlueHalo’s image and video analytics tools include face detection and recognition, target identification, and tracking. For example, these computer vision capabilities extend to human motion and activity identification, weapon detection, and threat detection. Our text analytics leverage natural language processing (NLP), graph analytics, behavior analytics, and trend analysis to help users obtain actionable intelligence from large datasets. In short, BlueHalo has further applied these AI and big data capabilities for predictive analytics, remaining usable life estimates, and anomaly detection.


Situational Awareness

BlueHalo creates and deploys low-visibility team communications and situational awareness tools enabling specialized warfighters to operate in unique environments. Our solutions integrate government and commercial data feeds to bridge between national-level resources and commercially available systems.  We operate on commercial devices and networks, as well as tactical networks.

Sensor Effectiveness Tool (SET)

Sensor Performance

BlueHalo’s Sensor Effectiveness Tool (SET) incorporates subject matter expertise to scientifically evaluate a sensor’s capability. This tool assesses how well radar systems can support intelligence objectives against select targets and geometries, and the underlying technology can be expanded to other sensor systems.

Intelligence National Intelligence Analysis

National Intelligence Analysis

BlueHalo analyzes and presents metrics on mission value and impact. We help decision makers understand the value of intelligence and help guide technology investment decisions.  We are proud to provide lifecycle operational support for critical initiatives, including worldwide Joint Land and Component Constructive Training Capability, Entity Resolution Federation (JLCCTC ERF) to major Battle Command Training Facilities and daily missions for the National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC).

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