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BlueHalo Awarded Army RCCTO HIVE Contract for the Development of Offensive Swarming UAS

BlueHalo Awarded Army RCCTO HIVE Contract for the Development of Offensive Swarming UAS



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ARLINGTON, VA – BlueHalo was recently awarded an initial $14M contract for the development of a HIVE small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) architecture by the US Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO). BlueHalo will provide the Army with a transformational sUAS autonomous swarming capability not currently available to the warfighter. BlueHalo will leverage resources and expertise across the company to deliver unmatched Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) swarm logic capabilities, communications systems, and evolving technologies within an operationally driven system-of-systems framework. This integrated “HIVE” of proprietary, U.S.-made and manufactured sUAS platforms will provide the warfighter with improved mission efficiency, sensor performance, and a reduction in cognitive workload.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with LTG L. Neil Thurgood and RCCTO to deliver transformative warfighter capabilities in the form of sUAS,” said Jonathan Moneymaker, CEO of BlueHalo. “Our customers continue to turn to BlueHalo to achieve what has never been done before and HIVE is another excellent example of utilizing BlueHalo’s capabilities to do just that. I am incredibly proud of the team’s success and am excited about how we continue to redefine what is possible through inspired engineering.”

BlueHalo has extensive technical experience delivering state-of-the-art capabilities with all aspects of unmanned and counter-unmanned systems including R&D, engineering, fabrication and prototyping, systems development, integration and test activities. BlueHalo offers a range of proprietary, U.S.-made and manufactured unmanned air system platforms, custom payloads, novel applications, and sUAS systems.

“We are extremely excited to help RCCTO and the Army realize this new, transformational capability,” said Jimmy Jenkins, President and General Manager of BlueHalo’s Defense Systems Sector. “We are fully committed to ensuring we deliver this solution to the warfighter in the very near future.”

About BlueHalo

BlueHalo is purpose-built to provide industry-leading capabilities in the domains of Space Superiority, Space Technology, Directed Energy/Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (c-UAS), Autonomy, Advanced Radio Frequency (RF), Cyber, and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).  BlueHalo focuses on inspired engineering to develop, transition, and field next-generation capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of our customers’ critical missions and reestablish our national security posture in the near-peer contested arena.

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