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Gallium Radio


Gallium Radio

Gallium is an advanced tactical hardware radio & software platform that provides superior radio coverage and networked PNT capabilities.

More about Gallium

Gallium™, with the niquist™ waveform, is a handheld radio platform designed to meet the demands of next-gen commercial and defense communications. Gallium revolutionizes advancements in RF capabilities. For example, Gallium improves network communication, positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT), sub-nanosecond wireless synchronization, and ranging. Furthermore, integrating Gallium into existing RFcom, weapons systems, manned or unmanned vehicles introduces new RFcom and PNT capabilities.

Features & Benefits

The Gallium Tactical Radio Platform enables modern warfighters and first responders to achieve tactical communication and emergency situation objectives.

  • Small form factor handheld radio with long battery life
  • Above all, superior RF performance that provides 8 Mbps over long distance
  • Integrated niquist advanced waveform supports:
    • Sub-nano-second synchronization among all nodes
    • Relative positioning in GPS-denied areas
  • As a software-defined radio (SDR), it is able to integrate new technologies. For example, this includes distributed beamforming, relative positioning, and dynamic spectrum access.
  • Ethernet-based data connectivity (e.g., ATAK) as well as synchronized triggering for distributed sensing applications.
  • In conclusion, the ruggedized radio platform meets the requirements of different branches of military and first responders.
Applications Defense tactical radio, first responders
RF Dual antenna (MIMO) and distributed beam-forming (SISO)
Waveform niquist™ advanced waveform
Bandwidth/Throughput 5 MHz, data 8 Mbps
Dimensions 5.3″ x 2.8″ x 1.5″ (without battery)
Weight 1.5 lb (without battery and antenna)
2.3 lb (with battery and antenna)
Power consumption 12-15W (6 – 9 W no PA)
Talk time 4.8 hr active w/PA (12 hr idle)
Advanced capabilities MANET, sub-nanosecond synchronization, relative positioning in GPS denied areas

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