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Titan C-UAS

Titan c-UAS

Titan C-UAS

Titan C-UAS equips any operator with immediate situational awareness and force protection in under 5 minutes. By harnessing industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning, Titan’s optionally-manned operation and autonomous countermeasure escalation turn any soldier or first responder into an effective C-UAS defender. 

Hardware Enabled. Software Defined

Titan has been tested to meet MIL-STD 461/810 requirements, with highly reliable full-spectrum threat detection of controller, video, telemetry, and Wi-Fi communication links from 400MHz to 6GHz. Titan is interoperable with other sensors and C2s for layered C-UAS defense. Titan is engineered for fixed, mobile, and dismounted operation.


Force Multiplier For Your Team

Titan establishes a hemisphere of protection well beyond line of sight in less than 5 minutes without operator training or calibration burden. Titan has been extensively tested, deployed, and operationally validated by dozens of military, government, and third-party labs to ensure mission success. 


Titan delivers superior integrated solutions interoperable with other sensors and external command and control solutions. Titan’s integrated solutions work with other industry-leading sensors (RF, radar, optics) to provide robust data and additional layers of protection and security. Titan’s advanced API and algorithms can also be integrated into ATAK or other C2 solutions commonly used across the military and government.

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