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BlueHalo provides advanced solutions, technologies, and effects across space and ground-based systems supporting orbital warfare, space domain awareness, resilient communications, and command and control, while degrading adversarial capabilities.

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Space Technologies

BlueHalo provides advanced solutions, technologies, and effects across space and ground-based systems supporting orbital warfare, space domain awareness, resilient communications, and command and control, while degrading adversarial capabilities.

Space Technologies Overview

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Space Technologies Mission

BlueHalo provides a full suite of exquisite, space-qualified systems and sub-systems deployed across LEO, MEO and GEO satellites for end-to-end Laser Communications, Satellite Communications, and key specialized Class A National Systems​.

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Space Technologies Solutions

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Space Technology

BlueHalo offers space optical communications solutions and products for national security, civil space, and commercial markets. Our offerings provide high-bandwidth, high-security solutions that overcome spectrum allocation issues and provide 100 to 1,000X increased bandwidth over RF communications systems.

BlueHalo’s key technologies include advanced platform stabilization subsystems, innovative tracking and pointing subsystems, real-time controls algorithms and firmware, compact, athermal optical designs, and unique isolation subsystems. BlueHalo also delivers multi-band, multi-mission antenna systems that enable effects for Telemetry and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) as well as Attitude Determination and Control (ADC), Command and Data-Handling, and encryption and RF space-qualified products.

Laser Communications Stable Platforms

Laser Communications Stable Platforms

BlueHalo’s space-qualified stable platforms leverage a long heritage of Optical Inertial Reference Unit (OIRU) technology advances and multiple U.S. patents, and utilize our space-qualified Angular Rate Sensors (ARSs) and Actuators. We have delivered 16 space-qualified GEO laser communications stable platform units to a government customer and two space-qualified stable platforms to NASA’s Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) program.

Laser Communications Cross Link (LCXL)

Laser Communications Cross Link (LCXL)

LCXL is a compact, dual aperture, laser communications system comprised of multiple subsystems (Gimbal, Modem, Back-end Optical Assemblies (BOA), etc.) that can be packaged into a single terminal or distributed across the host bus as needed. This system acts as a data pipeline communications and telemetry information provided by the host system. BlueHalo’s LCXL integrates advanced line-of-sight stabilization and tracking and pointing technologies with space-qualified laser and detector technologies into a compact package. The laser communications system also provides precise timing and positional information for distribution across a satellite constellation. Our advanced two-way time transfer (TWTT) technologies integrated with our Laser Communications Terminals, can provide the precise timing information necessary in a GPS-denied environment.

CubeSat Laser Communications

CubeSat Laser Communications

BlueHalo has developed a CubeSat Laser Communications system to enable low-probability-of-intercept/low-probability-of-detection (LPI/LPD) data transfers to and from deployed assets in areas where radio frequency (RF) communications may be undesired or denied. This system adapted high photon efficiency optical communications techniques to achieve data transfer rates up to 100 mega-bits per second (Mbps) with the small apertures required for CubeSats. The system uses commercially available components along with precision pointing mechanisms and electronics developed by BlueHalo for commercial space applications, resulting in a reliable, low-cost system that can be rapidly demonstrated and deployed.

Additional Laser Comm Solutions

Additional Space Qualified Solutions

Additional solutions in BlueHalo’s Laser Communications portfolio include space-qualified Latch and Gimbal Assemblies (LGAs) and an advanced Optical Isolation System for NASA’s LEMNOS program, GEO-to-ground laser communications optical modules, and space-qualified high bandwidth Fast Steering Mirrors (FSMs) and electronics, and Angular Rate Sensors (ARS) and multi-axis ARS Dynapak.

Space Range Planning, Scheduling, and Execution

BlueHalo offers space range planning, scheduling, and execution tools such as StarGate, a planning and scheduling software that manages range operations at the US Space Command’s eastern and western space ranges. StarGate offers end-to-end support, from planning a space launch to its completion, and is currently deployed at the 45th Space Wing. At the heart of StarGate are BlueHalo’s scheduling and planning algorithms, which execute in CybelePro, BlueHalo’s agent infrastructure.

Space Electronics and Computing Systems

BlueHalo develops and manufactures superior space electronics and computing systems that are key to various space missions. BlueHalo’s Attitude Determination and Control (ADC) products include Encoder Signal Processors (ESP), torque rods, Drive Control Units (DCU), and three-axis magnetometers that are all manufactured in the United States and fully qualified to SMC-S-016. Our Command & Data Handling (C&DH) products include Remote Interface Units, Transmission Data Formatters, Command and Telemetry Units (CTU), and Space Craft Processors (SCP).  BlueHalo’s family of cryptographic units, include the KG-237 and KG-238, which provide certified NSA Type 1 encryption/decryption capability for critical mission support.

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