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The Robotic Utility Mapping and Inspection (RUMI) system autonomously surveys and constructs a 3D map of an area displayed in augmented reality, providing real-time situational awareness. RUMI combines pre-existing Building Information Modeling data with data from RUMI’s sensor package to identify assets and utilities both above ground and below the surface. Featuring autonomous navigation and scanning of prespecified areas without human interventions, RUMI provides autonomous scanning and mapping of buried utility structures, visualization of the scanned underground space using AR-enabled devices, and interactive asset data retrieval and display.


RODEO helps prevent teleoperated vehicles from rolling over by constantly monitoring predicted future dynamic states of the vehicle. When a future rollover event is predicted, the operator is alerted via haptic feedback through the RODEO single-hand controller (SHC).
The RODEO add-on Kit is an enclosed control box containing an on-board processor, a recharge battery, and a sensor data acquisition board that runs the future rollover state prediction, sensor data acquisition, and IOP/JAUS vehicle control software modules.


ORION leverages intelligent decision-making capabilities to help solve the challenging real-world problems of off-road navigation by performing accurate traversability assessment and optimal trajectory computation. Employing deep learning, the ORION Uncrewed Ground Vehicle (UGV) can access high risk areas to infer the maneuverability of the surrounding terrain without endangering warfighters. It can also assess the traversability of a larger mission area based on aerial imagery captured by a tethered/untethered UAS. The ORION AI and autonomy stack is implemented within ROS-2 and supports the IOP/JAUS protocols.

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