Biological and Nanoscale

We provide bio-inspired flexible and stretchable functional materials for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Our core capabilities are soft material research, development, and technology transition spanning across multiple fields including: organic synthesis, synthetic biology, microbial contaminations, functional additive manufacturing, flexible hybrid electronics, and machine learning and optimization. Our scientists contribute to: nanomaterial production and scale-up, biostabilization, better understanding of microbial contamination of materials and its mitigation, flexible materials development, sweat and water-based biological sensing approaches, functional additive manufacturing, high throughput biological analysis, and autonomous experimentation. The factories of the future will be powered by bio-inspired materials and we are developing new frontiers in bioprocessing and novel biomaterials, able to deploy in challenging environments.



Our patented and proven high-yield processes make gold nanoparticles accessible for a wide range of applications. AURA™ Gold Nanoparticles are functionalizable and can be cost-effectively scaled to meet your specifications. Available as nanorods, nanospheres or nanowires, they feature tunable aspect ratios, high shape purity, low polydispersity, and high yield (scale of availability).

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