Extended Reality (XR) and Virtual Systems Trainers (VST)

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Cutting-edge training technology to help our warfighters best prepare and perform their mission

We are a leading global provider of virtual operator-in-the-loop simulators for various weapon systems such as our own LOCUST Laser Weapon System, Stinger Missile, Javelin, Igla, Carl Gustaf Recoilless, and the M4 Rifle.


Virtual Systems Trainers

The first and only fielded Virtual Reality-based weapons training device that supports portable or fixed training sites for weapons systems training, VST provides Stinger, Javelin, and Igla team training within a 360-degree immersive, realistic battlefield environment. The VST instructor station provides a selection of instructor-defined training scenarios incorporating high fidelity moving models in varying terrain, such as desert, forest, or urban areas. VST includes a detailed after-action review (AAR) scoring presentation of gunner actions, for example: correct identification of friendly and threat vehicles, proper launch/engagement sequence, operator responses to emergency/fault conditions, and correct aim point.

Field Handling Trainer – Stinger (FHT-S)

Used to practice basic manual Stinger handling, operation, sighting, and ranging skills, FHT-S visually tracks actual aircraft or radio-controlled targets, allows insertion/removal of Battery Coolant Unit (BCU), and features the same controls, mechanical operation, size, weight, and appearance as the Stinger weapon-round.

Field Handling Trainer – Igla (FHT-I)

Used to practice basic Igla manual weapon handling, operation, sighting, and ranging skills. FHT-I visually tracks actual aircraft or radio-controlled targets and features the same size, weight, appearance, controls, and mechanical operation as the Igla weapon-round.


A leaner, screen-based version of our proven VST product, VST-Stinger-Lite will use the same software suite as the VST but is purpose-built for training in a more austere environment. It replicates the form and function of the FIM-92 A-MANPADS – sharing the same dimensions, weight, and controls/switches.

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VAMPIRE® is a fully embedded Uncrewed Air System (UAS) / Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training simulation for all operator functions and emergency procedures for small UAS (sUAS).

VAMPIRE® Bi-Directional Advanced Trainer (BAT)

VAMPIRE® BAT is an embedded trainer that runs on fielded One System Remote Viewing Terminal (OSRVT) hardware and trains operators on basic OSRVT operations and bi-directional capability of system.

VAMPIRE® Institutional Training System (ITS)

VAMPIRE® ITS is an extension of the successful VAMPIRE® embedded UAS training system, offering a classroom training enabler for sUAS.