BlueHalo’s healthcare solutions create a positive impact on both patients and health systems

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BlueHalo supports the Nation’s military and civilian health by building exceptional technologies to support convergence of digital health ecosystems. We provide modernized easy-access care to our nation’s joint forces and public to allow care to meet patients where they are “Anytime, Anywhere, Always”.


Services and Solutions

Supporting operational medicine, conventional healthcare, and biomedical research through a robust data processing, integration, and analysis pipeline; we provide AI-enabled smart technologies, mobile apps, connected wearables, cloud-based analytics, edge computing, and integration software.

These solutions reduce administrative costs and burdens to our customers while improving the patient journey and experience. Above all, our technologies facilitate better patient care by taking the therapeutic experience beyond the clinical setting.


Battlefield Care

We are employing cutting edge innovative AI/ML research tools to address challenges in operational medicine.


A set of robust medic-assistive tools intended to autonomously perform battlefield scene and casualty analysis, triage support, and documentation.


A mobile standalone smartphone app provides a fast and accurate diagnosis of battlefield-relevant dermatological manifestations, while being fully operable in a no-communications environment.


Adrestia consists of a set of ruggedized, synchronized, compact, wearable inertial measurement units (IMU) to help detect musculoskeletal and balance impairments in field hospitals and austere environments.

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Readiness, Rehabilitation and Return to Duty

A suite of research tools supporting optimization of best readiness, rehabilitation and return to duty practices for service members facing challenges after traumatic brain injuries, anomalous health incidents, and musculoskeletal injuries.


An end-to-end vestibular rehabilitation support solution creates adaptive at-home exercise programs. VestAid exercises support physical therapists’ directives, monitor patient performance, and engage patients in strategies to overcome dizziness and vertigo.

Praxis Gamified Rehabilitation

The award-winning Praxis consists of virtual reality (VR) games designed for rehabilitation and return to duty assessment after concussion. Praxis gamifies traditional physical rehabilitation exercises into vocationally relevant exercises with relevant cognitive tasks. The Praxis system captures and analyzes patient performance and symptom data to inform return-to-duty decisions.

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Modeling, Training, and Simulation

Analytic services support in modeling biomedical phenomena of interest to the military as well as training & simulation products.

nxtHealth exposure modeling

Our advanced monitoring tool, based on physics-based mathematical models, tracks and evaluates both acute and long-term effects of directed energy exposure on individuals. This robust solution empowers informed decision-making by providing comprehensive insights into the impact of such exposures.


nxtMedSim is a portable and reconfigurable medical simulator system, providing real-time haptic and physiological feedback to facilitate a realistic and high-fidelity environment of palpation, for a wide range of medical conditions. Through its reconfigurability and by providing real-time, quantitative, and trackable trainee-performance measurements, this self-guided training system can substantially increase trainee throughput and proficiency in palpation during lifesaving procedures.

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Veteran and Family Care

Patient and provider-facing apps and devices, backed by robust analytics, AI/ML, data fusion, and visualization, support continuous care for patients and improved performance for medics and medical staff.


The SleepAid app computes and recommends light treatments, collects information about daily habits, instructs healthy sleep habits, and engages the user in activities that help improve sleep health using data-driven interventions and games. It uses BlueHalo’s in-house light and activity wearable DeLux sensors. Effective sleep management requires use of the SleepAid app.


Sympatico® allows patients to continuously log and track symptoms and gain access to relevant resources, feedback, and guidance during treatment. It is not only quick and easy for patients to record symptoms, it tailors data collection to the individual’s disease, treatment type, and treatment location. The app offers novel user interfaces including graphical representations and a chat bot.

nxtHealth Analytx Dashboard

nxtHealth Analytx is a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, intelligent reporting and analytics software that enables researchers and clinicians to collect, monitor, and analyze data from patients who use remote monitoring healthcare apps and wearables. This platform allows clinicians and researchers to monitor therapy progress, view statistics of patients, and study cohorts. It also provides actionable information to identify at-risk individuals and therapy-specific barriers, receive data-driven alerts, and deliver patient interventions.

Cardiac Consultant

Cardiac Consultant is an interactive application, it integrates with the physician workflow to help doctors educate patients about their individual risk for heart disease and stroke. Patients explore how different factors like age and family history combine with their lifestyle choices to affect overall cardiovascular health. Cardiac Consultants use SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies) on Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources® to seamlessly and securely exchange the patient’s personal health data from their provider’s electronic health record (EHR) system, saving time and reducing error risk.


Persistent cognitive impairment is an issue for many conditions, including patients undergoing chemotherapy, Traumatic Brain injury, Alzheimer’s, or COVID-19. MindCap allows patients to self-assess their cognitive state using a mobile app, giving providers up-to-date indications of even subtle cognitive changes. It allows researchers and clinicians to longitudinally track cognitive decline or improvement as patients go through their recovery.

A cognitive assessment app that detects significant cognitive impairments associated with diseases or treatments. It is sensitive enough to detect debilitating, though often subtle, degradation that can result from treatments such as chemotherapy, which can slowly harm a patient’s cognitive abilities.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation technologies revolutionize how patient consumers seek, receive, and manage care, employing digital technologies to make healthcare more accessible, personal, and efficient. We provide solutions that are convenient and intuitive, giving our customers more time to focus on what’s most important: providing quality care for their patients.


Digital Front Door Solutions

A HIPAA-compliant, modular, unified platform for interactions, communications, and connections to improve the patient healthcare journey.

Digital Symptom Checker

Using chatbot technologies.

Virtual Triage (Find-A-Doctor) and Appointment Scheduler

Increase revenue across a health system by making it easier for patients seeking care to find providers, while meeting the complex utilization and contract requirements that often exist in mid to large heath systems. Seamlessly guide users through the complex process of determining what care they need and when and where it is available. Integrate with scheduling systems, provider databases, and utilization rules engines; allowing patients to book appointments easily online and avoid long waits while improving utilization across the network.

Insurance Card OCR

Reduce administrative time and errors by processing patient insurance cards safely and securely.

Provider Workflow Tools

Leverage BlueHalo health solutions or your own data source through our workflow tools and enable revenue capture with remote physiologic monitoring.

Customized Integrations Solutions

Build or buy? On-Prem, Cloud, or Hybrid?

Leverage our experts with end-to-end development and infrastructure skills to integrate your new technology with existing or previous investments.

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FHIR Data Interoperability

HL7®’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) allow providers, payers and patients to aggregate, manage, use, and share their health data using a set of standard, unified APIs.  BlueHalo is at the forefront of FHIR and health data interoperability in every way, supporting our clients’ use of FHIR APIs according to CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule and ONC’s 21stCentury Cures Act.

Enabling FHIR

An open-source FHIR® server solution built in NodeJS. This solution is built from the ground up with security as the #1 priority, and as an extensible, vendor-agnostic platform for FHIR® interaction. It consists of two open-source projects that are available for download and use on Github under an MIT License.
Node FHIR® Server Core
Node FHIR® Server Reference Implementation (MongoDB)

FHIR Builds

When Electronic Health Data is available with FHIR, BlueHalo builds applications on top of the standard to improve outcomes and interoperability at reduced costs. Applications such as Cardiac Consultant are reusable FHIR solutions designed to present clinicians with health information based on published algorithms and patient data that can be securely extracted from the electric health record system using FHIR. These web-enabled solutions can be integrated into standard clinician workflows via SMART, the EHR de-facto standard for integrating applications into Healthcare IT systems. By combining SMART with FHIR and leveraging standard clinical models, clinicians are enabled to view heath factors – offering them and their patients industry standard options with just the click of a mouse.

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