Instrumentation and Diagnostics

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The Laser Instrumented Diagnostic Suite (LIDS) is a complete suite of High Energy Laser (HEL) performance instrumentation and atmospheric characterization sensors. The system fully integrates into a trailer for transport and repositioning on range. With quick-look data available between shots and complete test results available within 24 hours, LIDS quickly diagnoses HEL beam performance at relevant ranges prior to costly flight tests and correlates HEL performance through varying atmospheric conditions.

Surrogate Missiles

Our Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed-MANPADS (MAST-M) surrogate missile system – developed for Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) – is used for the testing and evaluation of installed Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE). The recoverable surrogate missile system is capable of engaging ASE while guaranteeing collision avoidance and missile recovery to ensure a cost-effective, non-destructive test and evaluation of the ASE.


JumpRecorder parachute data logger is a wearable, ruggedized, and network-ready data recording and management system for parachuting applications. Its small form factor and low-power design supports easy integration into existing systems without altering parachute safety characteristics. The compact JumpRecorder unit can be attached to all parachute platforms. Its automated power-management capability will activate the device to record jump events in all operational conditions. The JumpRecorder measures barometric pressure, X/Y/Z acceleration, X/Y/Z gyroscopic forces, magnetic heading, temperature, and GPS position.

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