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Materials understanding, development, and life prediction can present vast challenges. We specialize in synthesizing, characterizing, evaluating, analyzing, and modeling advanced structural materials, including: polymer matrix composites, ultra-high temperature ceramics, and ceramic matrix composites for use in advanced aerospace applications. These materials are put through a rigorous scale-up and application development process for deployment in advanced systems. Computer modeling of materials and processing reactions accelerates this sequence.



Our patented best-in-class conductive ink enables wearable electronics to be tougher and more stretchable while offering robust ease of design and fabrication. ELMNT has been adapted to be a go-to solution for most printing and deposition processes onto a wide array of substrates. Currently, ELMNT is formulated for blade coating, screen printing, airbrushing, and aerosol jet printing. Whatever your application, we’re ready to partner with you to make it happen.



Robo-Met systems enable you to create more time for discovery, data analysis and characterization by eliminating the drudgery of the polishing station, and automating microscopy. Our Robo-Met system allows you to automate and upgrade your materialography process. We also provide training for your team on how to run customized material analysis for scientific research and materials development applications.

By leveraging our unique and fully automated Robo-Met.3D™ materials characterization system, we deliver the materials insights you need for your materials science applications, from validating additive manufacturing builds or non-destructive testing methods, to testing metals and composite materials, to analyzing bearings and welds or coatings for quality control, and more.

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