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Production of ARS-14 and Dynapak-14 units has ceased.

— ARS-16 and Dynapak-16 —



The ARS-16 is our most sensitive angular rate sensor, designed to work in a variety of high-performance applications, such as line-of-sight stabilization and precision motion control systems.

More about the ARS-16

The ARS-16 can measure angular motions as low as 40 nanoradians, and has low sensitivity to linear acceleration inputs, making it ideal for use in highly dynamic environments such as aerial and ground-based vehicles. The ARS-16 has a wide, usable frequency range from less than 2 Hz to more than 1,000 Hz.

The ARS-16 is designed to be a replacement for our older ARS-14 model. It is designed to provide an improved noise floor and larger temperature range to any application previously utilizing our ARS-14 sensor.

The ARS-16 is designed with a simple screw attachment method, or for applications requiring minimal size and weight, a cylindrical version is available which is designed to be epoxy bonded or clamped in place.

Custom scale factors and ranges are available.

— Dynapak-16 —


Designed to measure jitter from airborne mirrors, optical systems or lasers, and for accurate line-of-sight imaging platform stabilization, the Dynapak 16 triaxial sensor packages measure ultra-low level angular jitter in the sub-microradian regime. All Dynapak 16’s exhibit noise equivalent angles (NEAs) of less than 40 nanoradians rms over a 2-1000 Hz integration bandwidth. Dynapak 16 outputs are typically in angular rate, but custom sensor packages can be produced where the output signal has been conditioned to provide a measure of angular displacement. Selectable high and low gain can also be provided on a custom basis to provide a large dynamic range measurement. Custom scale factor and bandwidth sensor packages can also be provided. Custom space-qualified 3-axis packages are available. The Dynapak 16 is designed to be a space-qualified sensing package. A model without radiation-hardened parts is also available at a substantially lower cost.

Obsolete – Angular Rate Sensor and Dynapak

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