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VigilantHalo – Mobile and Modernized Airspace Command and Control

Mobile and Modernized Airspace Command and Control

VigilantHalo provides integrated Command and Control (C2) in any airspace, detecting and tracking all aircraft, including below-the-radar UAS. A complete situational awareness solution for ATC, disaster response, critical infrastructure/airport/base defense and BVLOS UAS operations into any CONUS/OCONUS DOD and National Airspace System (NAS) ATC environment.

  • ATC-capable Surveillance Data Processing, Fusion Tracker and communications to separate air traffic in any environment
  •  Tailored radar and multi-sensor surveillance to suit mission and application needs
  • Real-time weather detection and analysis for ATC operations, and weather-based safety risk prognosis and diagnosis
  • Secure, micro-services based architecture enabling cloud, mobile and fixed-site deployments
  • Critical internal and external system health management
  • ABMS, BMC, FAAD C2, JAD-C2, TOC-L support for down-stream cues to ATC, CUAS, DE, KE and threat defeators

VigilantHalo provides weather-based flight path analytics services identifying potential safety risks. VigilantHalo offers critical internal and external systems health management statuses.

VigilantHalo weather prediction capabilities are informed by NOAA’s mesoscale predictions and weather stations.

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